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Thanks to our Final Expense Plan, you could get up to $50,000 in coverage without having to go through a medical exam! Our application process is simple and can be done entirely online in minutes. Plus, you'll get instant tax-free coverage so you put your mind at ease and get back to enjoying life.

Key Benefits of our Final Expense Plan for Albertans

Guaranteed acceptance

We provide instant approval for Canadians living in Alberta between the ages of 18-74. You cannot be denied due to your health or your family’s health history.

Never undergo a medical exam

You are not required to go through a medical exam when applying for our final expense plan. Your health has no effect on your eligibility for our coverage.

Instant approval coverage

Once you complete your application, your plan is instantly active and issued to you the same day.

Coverage to 100

Your plan will always be there when you need it, with coverage that stays active up to age 100.

Financial coverage for your funeral expenses

When you pass away, your beneficiaries can use the plan’s benefit to help cover your funeral costs, final bills, or other remaining debts.

30-day money-back guarantee

You have 30 days to see if you are satisfied with your coverage. If not, let us know and receive a complete refund.

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Explore Final Expense Plan features

There are only two requirements in order to qualify for protection under Specialty Life's Final Expense Insurance plan:

  • You are between the ages of 18 and 74

  • You have a home address within Canada

Under this plan, there are no medical requirements to get coverage, and you cannot be denied for coverage due to health issues if you meet the above criteria.

Duration of coverage

Final Expense Plan will provide guaranteed coverage to age 100.


Rates are dependent only on age, gender, and smoking status. Your health condition or health history has no effect on your premiums.

New applicants are rated in 5-year bands beginning at age 30. At the end of every 5-year band, premiums for the insured are reviewable and may increase.
We guarantee, however, that any adjusted premiums will be less than a new applicant would pay at the same age.

Coverage amount

Final Expense Plan offers coverage up to $50,000. This plan also includes Accidental Death coverage up to $200,000 at no additional cost.

Policy exclusions

The death benefit will not be paid under the following circumstances:

  • If death occurs within the first 2 years from the effective date or latest reinstatement. However, there will be full refund of premiums paid.

  • The insured person commits suicide, while sane or insane, within 2 years from the effective date or latest reinstatement.

  • If this policy is declared void due to a material omission, misrepresentation or in the event of fraud.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you are not absolutely satisfied with your plan, let us know and receive a full refund.

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