Specialty Life Insurance

5 top reasons our clients applied for life insurance


Income Replacement

I wanted to ensure my family can have the same quality of life if I’m no longer here. I didn’t want my kids to sacrifice their hockey practices or my spouse worrying about how the bills going to be paid.

David, Kelowna BC

Mortgage Balance Protection

Our mortgage is one of the largest financial debts we have ever taken on. I needed a peace of mind knowing it wouldn’t fall on my family if I die. I also wanted to make sure my family wouldn’t have to sell our house that we took years to make a home.

Sarah, Mississauga ON

Final Expenses Coverage

Passing away of a loved is very difficult time for any family. To add to emotional hardship, there are so many logistics in arranging a funeral. I wanted to leave some money for my children to make the financial part a little easier.

John, Red Deer AB

Children Post-Secondary Education

We have RESPs opened for both of our kids, but if something should happen to one of us, we would not be able to keep up these contributions. I want to make sure my kids are able to get the education they need, especially in today’s competitive job market.

Michael, London ON

Aging Parents

My mom requires around the clock care, which is provided by a wonderful caregiver I hired. Being an only child, I need to know that my mom would be taken care of financially if I’m gone.

Emily, Amherst NS