The holidays can absolutely be a fun time of year: festive celebrations, catching up with friends and family, countless markets, events, and hot cocoa - what isn’t there to love?

This year, as many folks return to in-person events after almost two years of social distancing, you should be aware of some hidden dangers related to the holidays that can pose a hazard to your health and safety. And while accidental death insurance coverage can be a crucial piece of financial planning, the goal is not to have to use it, after all.

Below are four tips to keep in mind to help ensure a safe holiday season and to start off next year in one piece and on the right foot.

  1. Christmas tree fires
  2. COVID-19
  3. Slip & fall accidents
  4. Motor vehicle accidents


No matter how much we decorate our homes and listen to Mariah Carey, we all know the truth: this Christmas won’t feel the same way. There will be no Santa Claus parades, no joyful Christmas markets, no big family reunions at the dining table, and no Winter festivals with snow tubing and ice carving.  Even the expression "home for the holidays" doesn't have quite the same ring to it - after all, we have been home all year!

However, there is a thing we won’t give up that easily: the tradition of exchanging gifts. We might not be able to be physically present, but we can still surprise our loved ones with a thoughtful present - and watch them “unwrap” it on a family video call.

So the big question is: what is the best gift you can purchase during a global pandemic?

In a time when everyone is trying to stay home, we figure that digital gifts make more sense than ever. From subscription boxes to a classic gift card, there are so many gift options to choose from that you will most likely find yourself a little lost and unsure of what to get.

Luckily for you, we have created a list of the best 10 digital gifts you can give this Christmas to inspire you. Take a look and get inspired!

Digital gifts for the little ones

Far gone are the days where kids got excited over a colourful slinky or something as strange as a troll doll. Nowadays, just like Business Insider stated, "kids don't want toys for Christmas anymore." At least not most of them. The evolution of technology, combined with children's exposure to the media, has made them more interested in high-tech gadgets than barbies. Considering this trend, here are some of the best digital gifts you can offer the little ones (assuming that they are not that little anymore):

  • Adventure Academy

Adventure Academy offers the little ones an immersive, virtual educational world aimed at kids 8 to 13. Here, children are allowed to create their avatar and in-game home before embarking on a series of quests that teach them science, social studies, geography, and many other subjects. Much like in a traditional video game, kids can play with their friends in this virtual world - but parents can rest easy because it is a safe environment with no advertising. And the best price? The price! Adventure Academy has a monthly fee of $9.99, making it one of the best digital gifts for those on a budget.

  • Eat to Explore

For those who want to surprise the little ones with a fun family experience, EatToExplore is probably the best option! As the name suggests, this is an educational food and culture explorer box that aims to inspire families to cook, taste, and discover different cultures (and cuisines, of course) together. If you are unsure whether your family would find the time and energy to commit to these cooking classes, you can start by trying the box as a one-time purchase and then decide if you want to subscribe monthly. As for the price, it costs $24.95 for a month (in which you get to explore a country’s cuisine), $22.46 for each box for a four-month subscription (in which you can try food from 4 different continents), and $21.21 for each box during a full year, which allows you to travel the whole world gastronomically!

  • HeadSpace

In an increasingly busy world, it is more important than ever to take time for yourself, regardless of your age! This is why HeadSpace for Kids was created - so that the little ones can interact with fun and engaging activities that teach them the basics of mindfulness. And the best thing is that parents can also participate and make the most of these guided activities. You can start the journey with a free trial and then enroll in a $69.99/year plan. The plan includes daily meditation exercises, sleep sounds to relax, and customized sessions for three age groups: 5 and under, 6-8, and 9-12. This gift is perfect for teaching kids the importance of having a healthy and calm mind.

  • LillyPost

As we all know, reading is fundamental to the development of children. With that in mind, the LillyPost Canada project was born. The concept is quite simple: you subscribe to a plan (depending on your child’s age) and receive, each month, a box with two to four books for your kids to colour and read. The monthly subscription starts at $23.95 and is personalized according to your preferences. As if this wasn’t exciting enough, here is another excellent reason why you should offer a LillyPost subscription this Christmas: for every shipped box, Lillypost donates a book to a child in need all across North America.

  • Disney+ subscription

Let’s be honest: kids love Disney movies. From Star Wars to Frozen, they are all familiar with the characters, songs, and stories - even if they haven’t seen the movies. So why not upgrade this passion and get a Disney+ subscription that can bring many joyful moments to the whole family? From $8.99/month to $89.99/year, you can guarantee that your loved ones will have plenty of hours of good entertainment at their hands. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Disney also launched a GroupWatch application, which allows your kids to watch movies online with up to 6 friends. A great way to help them socialize during these holidays, don’t you agree?

Digital gifts for the adults

Finding the perfect digital gift for your better-half, cousin, or even mother can seem hard. After all, there are endless possibilities at your fingertips, from Amazon gift cards to Netflix subscriptions. However, if you want to go the extra mile and give them something unique, here are five great options for you to consider:

  • A MasterClass

Thanks to the pandemic, 2020 was the year we re-discovered online learning and took it more seriously than ever. Platforms like MasterClass had a great boom, which translated into a better and more varied list of courses. From Creative Writing with Margaret Antwood to Cooking with Gordon Ramsay, there are now endless programs that you can engage with or offer to a loved one. If you are feeling generous, you can offer a year subscription (which costs $240), which includes access to all sorts of courses and 90+ renowned instructors. On the other hand, you can simply opt to give a single course, which costs around $120.

  • Endel

Not many people know Endel, but everyone could benefit (a lot!) from it. In a few words, it is an innovative app where artists and developers have gathered to create soundscapes calibrated to meet your exact needs across four areas: relax, focus, sleep, and move. Knowing that our minds respond to ambient noise in different ways, Endel gives us the possibility to connect with the right sound for each moment/action of our daily routine. As you can imagine, this is one of the most creative digital gifts you can give this Christmas, especially to those friends/family members who have been feeling slightly stressed over the pandemic. As for the prices, you can get a one-month subscription for $5.99, a year subscription for $49.99, or a lifetime subscription for $89.99.

  • Audible

Audible is an audiobook service from Amazon, offering the world's biggest selection of titles, from modern podcasts to all-time favourite classics. Although there are many audiobook services available nowadays, Audible is the one that has truly unique content. By signing up for a subscription plan, you can purchase and stream audiobooks, podcasts, and audio programs of all types, whenever and wherever you want. As you can see, this can be a great Christmas gift for 2020, especially for those that love books and podcasts. As for the prices, you can choose between a one-month subscription plan ($14.95), a three-month plan ($45.00), a six-month plan ($90.00), and a year plan ($162.95).

  • Obé Fitness 

This year, going to the gym was completely out of the question for most of the time. That led us to start working out at the parks, or even try to do it at home, with a yoga mat and a computer screen. For those that want to take exercising from home more seriously, many apps and subscription plans arose, one of them being ObeFitness. This app, available in the United States and Canada, offers 24/7 classes for you to enjoy from home with all sorts of exercises, from pilates to cardio boxing. If you have a friend or family member that is missing the gym a little too much, Obé can be one of the best digital gifts for them. A monthly subscription costs $27 per month, while an annual subscription is $199.

  • Ancestry

If you are looking for the most creative digital gifts, Ancestry is the answer. By giving people an unprecedented level of access to their personal genome, Ancestry will allow your loved ones to discover their genetic ethnicity and, if they wish to, even potential DNA matches. They might find out they have East Asian heritage or that their ancestors lived in the warm islands of the Caribbean. Who wouldn’t be curious to find out? It is an excellent gift for curious minds, and the best part is that it is quite affordable. You can offer a six-month gift membership for $64.99 or a DNA kit for $89.00.

BONUS: Insurance, a great self-gift that can benefit the whole family

If there is something 2020 taught us well, it is that life is unpredictable. Considering that, what gift could better give you and your loved ones a sense of protection than an insurance plan? Hardly anything! So if you are searching for something useful, caring, and considerably affordable, this might be the best option!

At Speciality Life Insurance, we have three types of plans to fit your needs and circumstances: a Excelsior Plan, a Critical Illness Plan, and an Accidental Death Plan. All of our policies are designed to give your loved ones the financial stability they need if something unexpected happens to you.

And the best part is that our plans can indeed be considered a digital gift, as we don’t require face-to-face meetings (or even medical exams) for applying. If you’ve been denied coverage in the past, that’s ok! Our plans offer instant approval after a quick call with one of our friendly advisors. That’s it. You won’t even need to leave your couch.

To begin the process, you simply have to choose your ideal product and ask for a free quote. It has never been easier to give your loved ones a Christmas gift that will guarantee their financial protection!