Denied Life Insurance? Excelsior Plans May Be For You

06 27, 2023
Jake Smith

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Have you recently been denied life insurance due to your age, health, or other risk factors? Feeling anxious and frustrated? Don't worry! We've put together great tips for finding life insurance.

In this blog post, we will explore how Excelsior plans provide an alternative path to coverage for those who have been turned away by other insurers. By understanding your options, you can confidently navigate the life insurance landscape and make informed decisions for yourself and your family.

Let's empower you to secure your family's future, regardless of the challenges you face. Let's dive in!

Denied Life Insurance Coverage?

Traditional life insurance policies often require thorough medical exams and health questionnaires during their application processes. If your preexisting health conditions, age, or lifestyle pose a risk, the insurer may deny your application for coverage. However, do not feel disheartened. If one door closes, another opens.

If traditional life insurance policies have rejected you as a Canadian resident, you may find financial protection in Guaranteed Excelsior Plans.

Understanding Why You Were Denied

First things first, it's essential to understand why you were denied life insurance coverage. The most common reasons for denial include age, health issues, occupation, and lifestyle habits such as smoking. Don't lose hope if you've been denied; reliable alternatives like Excelsior plans still exist. These plans specifically cater to individuals whom traditional insurance providers may consider high-risk.

Person that was denied traditional life insurance coverage.

Turning Hurdles into Stepping Stones with Excelsior Plans

Excelsior plans provide a lifeline to those who struggle with traditional insurance demands. These plans offer generous eligibility requirements and hassle-free application processes devoid of medical examinations and health questionnaires.

As a result, even if an insurer has previously denied you coverage, you likely can secure a Excelsior plan. Moreover, these plans can tailor themselves to fit your unique financial budget. That makes them a great choice for anyone living on a fixed income.

Demystifying the Benefits of Excelsior Plans

A Excelsior Plan primarily satisfies two primary objectives. First, it unburdens your loved ones from any financial strain related to your final expenses. The benefits payout can cover funeral expenses, outstanding debts, and other financial needs arising after your passing.

Second, regardless of your health or lifestyle, Excelsior plans can mean guaranteed coverage late into your golden years. That's what makes them an ideal solution for Canadian seniors who've previously been denied coverage.

Canadian senior overwhelmed with denial finding solace in a Excelsior Plan.

Best Tips for Finding Life Insurance: Explore the Benefits of Excelsior Plans

Individuals who face difficulties obtaining traditional life insurance policies due to age, health, or other risk factors shouldn't overlook Excelsior plans. Unlike conventional policies, the No Medical Exam Excelsior plans by Specialty Life have a simplified underwriting process, requiring no doctor visits or health questions. These plans offer guaranteed acceptance and financial protection that you can rely on, regardless of your circumstances.

Customizable Coverage

Excelsior plans offer customizable coverage that caters to your unique situation, providing you with the flexibility to choose the amount that best suits your needs and budget. Coverage can range from a few thousand dollars to upwards of $50,000, ensuring your loved ones have financial support when they need it the most.

Affordable Premiums

One of the main benefits of these Excelsior plans is their affordability. These plans base premiums on age, gender, and smoking status. This ensures you can manage your rates and keep your coverage secure, regardless of your health history or pre-existing conditions.

Peace of Mind

Our Excelsior plans let you relax knowing your loved ones will get financial assistance when you're gone. The guaranteed benefits provided by these policies can be beneficial in covering final expenses, such as funeral costs and outstanding debts, alleviating the financial burden on your family.

Overcoming Denial: Turning to Excelsior Plans

While traditional life insurance might seem elusive, Excelsior plans make coverage attainable for everyone. These plans assure you peace of mind, safeguarding your family's financial future irrespective of your health, age, or lifestyle.

More Benefits of Opting for a Excelsior Plan

Not only do our Excelsior plans offer coverage for those who have been previously denied insurance, but they also come with numerous additional benefits, including:

Easy application process

No medical exams, health questions, or lengthy paperwork involved. Simply apply online and get insured in minutes.

Guaranteed acceptance

With just two eligibility requirements—age and Canadian residency—there's no need to worry about being turned away again due to your health or lifestyle.

Lasting security

Enjoy peace of mind knowing your loved ones are financially protected, as your plan remains in effect until age 100.

Woman denied insurance application, deciding to opt for a Excelsior plan and feeling grateful.

Steps to Take When Your Insurance Application is Denied

Being persistent is crucial in finding life insurance after an initial denial. Use this experience as motivation to explore alternative options and find the coverage that suits your unique circumstances. Remember, there's always a solution out there, and Excelsior Plans may be the perfect fit for your needs.

Below are several steps you can take to increase your chances of securing a policy after a denial:

  • Understand why you were denied — Review your communication with the insurer and evaluate the specific reasons for denial, such as medical issues, financial constraints, or lifestyle factors.
  • Update your application — Ensure your application is complete, accurate, and up to date. Correct any discrepancies or outdated information that may have caused the rejection.
  • Consider Excelsior plans — If traditional life insurance policies continue to deny your application, give Excelsior plans a try. These plans are accessible and tailored for those who have faced denial from other insurers.
  • Seek assistance from professionals — Consult with a knowledgeable insurance advisor who can guide you on the best options based on your unique circumstances and needs.

Navigating the Application Process: We're Here to Guide You

Applying for a Excelsior Plan with us is a breeze. We provide an easily accessible online application process that only requires a Canadian address and proof of age between 18-74.

And remember, you're never alone in this process! Our dedicated team of insurance professionals can guide you every step of the way, providing expert advice and ensuring you select the best tips for finding life insurance for your specific needs.

Senior Canadian grateful for finding life insurance even after previous denial.


Being denied traditional life insurance coverage doesn't mean it's the end of the road. Excelsior Plans offer a viable alternative, offering guaranteed coverage and financial stability for seniors, high-risk individuals, and anyone who's faced rejection by other insurers.

For many Canadians, a Excelsior Plan can provide a sense of reassurance and financial protection, enabling them to confidently face the future, knowing their loved ones are safeguarded.

Secure your Financial Future with a Excelsior Plan

Was traditional life insurance a no-go? Specialty Life's Excelsior plans are here to fulfill the gap. Guaranteed coverage, a hassle-free process, and peace of mind for your family's financial future – It couldn't get any better!

Overcome Denial – Safeguard your Family's Financial Future Now!


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