The Best Burial Insurance for Seniors in Canada: A Comprehensive Guide

08 23, 2023
Jake Smith

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Getting older comes with its own set of responsibilities and worries. That said, no one should worry figuring out what the best burial insurance for seniors is. That's because after you're gone, the Excelsior Plan from Specialty Life provides a remarkably simple way to pay for funeral costs and other bills.

In this blog, we will talk about how funeral insurance works and how it can help you feel at peace. Keep scrolling to learn more about why our funeral insurance is a smart choice for seniors, how it can give you a sigh of relief, and guide you to the best insurance for your needs.

Figuring Out the Best Burial Insurance for Seniors

The Excelsior Plan, also known as funeral or burial insurance, is meant to cover the costs of funerals, burials, or services like cremation. With a policy from Specialty Life, our plans don't ask for medical exams or a lot of questions about your health—great for mature Canadians with health issues.

The budget-friendly price you pay each month (known as a premium) and guaranteed payouts make this plan a safe choice for people looking for a way to protect their loved ones. Moreover, Excelsior Plans have a greater range of accepted ages compared to traditional insurance. That means seniors can feel more at ease knowing that their family will have money to pay for any outstanding bills and expenses once they pass away.


Mature couple understanding the benefits of funeral insurance for seniors.


Why Pick Funeral Insurance?

This insurance is best for individuals in their golden years. That's because choosing a funeral insurance plan can lighten the load for your family. It offers coverage to fit your budget without cutting back on the peace and safety for your family.

Specialty Life's plan keeps things simple and easy. It doesn't need medical exams or lots of health questions. Plus, almost everyone is accepted. The plan covers up to $50,000 for all people living in Canada between the ages of 18 and 74. Now that's some serious financial backup!


A elderly couple on a hike after choosing the best funeral insurance to keep their family's future secured.


Benefits of Funeral Insurance

Easy & Quick Sign-Up

One of the best parts of the Funeral insurance from Insurance Supermarket is the easy sign-up process. You can get approval quickly — online, over email, or on the phone — all from your own home, without any stacks of paper.

Guaranteed Acceptance

What makes our funeral insurance even more reliable is the guarantee that you'll be accepted. You get coverage no matter your health history or lifestyle choices. This makes it a great choice for seniors with health issues that might stop them from getting other kinds of life insurance. As long as you're under age 75 with a permanent Canadian address, you can qualify!

No Medical Tests or Questions about Health

With funeral insurance for seniors, there are no medical tests or health questions during sign-up. Your coverage doesn't depend on your health status. You can get a policy easily, enjoy its perks, and feel confident about your family's future.

A senior couple in Canada talking about funeral insurance choices.


Set Premiums

Another big plus of funeral insurance is that your premiums are set in five year bands designed to fit any budget. This makes sure the price fits your lifestyle and needs, giving you control over what you spend each month. Your premium is recalculated every 5 years, however the earlier you get coverage, the lower your premium will be overall. Essentially, you are guaranteed to have lower premiums overtime than if you waited to get coverage at a later date.

This is especially great for any individuals living on a fixed income — in times when things might feel uncertain, you have a financial plan that brings stability and calm.

Extra Support for Loved Ones

The funeral insurance plan makes sure that your family has enough money to handle final costs. From the funeral to any unpaid bills, it can all become overwhelming. But if you have funeral insurance to cover your final expenses, you can help your loved ones during this tough time by lighting their financial load.


Canadians appreciating how Funeral insurance for seniors gives added support to loved ones during a tough time.


Wrapping Things Up...

Guaranteeing your family's future is an important financial responsibility we all have. Specialty Life's affordable Excelsior plan makes this easier. It provides financial balance, flexibility, and easy access to application and claims. It gives you the calm you need, knowing that your loved ones will have the money they need, even after unexpected life events.

Ensure a quiet retirement and secure your family's future with the best funeral insurance for seniors today!



Opt for the Best Funeral Insurance for Seniors & Shelter Your Family's Future

Choosing to protect your family from unexpected money problems during tough times is a wise decision. Our team is here and excited to help you during this process. We want to help you keep the financial security you and your family deserve. Join us in this adventure today and secure a calm future.

Discover the power of protection. Step towards your family's financial safety with Insurance Supermarket's top funeral insurance for seniors.

Enjoy Simple Protection with the Excelsior Plan for Seniors from Insurance Supermarket

Get in touch with us today and secure your family's future. Click the button below to begin!


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