Demystifying the Myth: Can You Get Insurance with Pre-Existing Health Conditions?

08 14, 2023
Jake Smith

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Have you wondered, can you get insurance with pre existing health condition? Often, traditional insurance companies might turn your application down, casting a shadow of worry over your family's financial future. But fear not, for there are solutions tailored for those grappling with health conditions.

Here, we uncover how Specialty Life extends vital coverage, regardless of your past or current health conditions. With the right know-how, you can secure your loved ones’ financial future.

Let’s delve deep!

Sweeping Away Hurdles, Providing Coverage

The common fallacy is that a pre-existing health condition bars you from life insurance. Specialty Life dispels this myth with its array of no-medical exam insurance plans, offering a lifeline for those whose health issues determine their insurability.

Our policies skip medical exams and intrusive health queries entirely. Acceptance is solely based on your age and Canadian residency status. Now, you can assure your loved ones of a financially secure future, with no concern for your health history or condition.


Man with pre-existing health conditions getting life insurance from Specialty Life.


The Perks of No-Medical Exam Life Insurance

If you are suffering from a health issue, the thought of buying life insurance may seem staggering. Traditional insurance pathways often dismiss applications, especially when health concerns are present, leaving many individuals and their families in a lurch. This is when No-Medical life insurance plans become a savior.

Our No-Medical Exam plans have eliminated the need for medical examinations and health inquiries, making their acceptance a breeze. They are a beacon of hope for those medically uninsurable, creating opportunities for everyone to get the coverage they need.

No matter if you're eyeing for an affordable and flexible Term Life plan or, if you're older, trustworthy and reliable Excelsior coverage, our No-Medical exam insurance plans welcome all applications — if you're between the eligible ages of 18-80 and living in Canada, regardless of your health status or concerns.


Accessibility assured with No-Medical plans for individuals with pre-existing health conditions.


Easing Your Life Insurance Journey

Specialty Life seeks to uncomplicate the insurance procurement process. Traditional routes can be slow and socially uncomfortable, with meetings, paperwork, and detailed medical exams. We believe in a smooth, effortless process which caters to your convenience.

Our No-Medical exam life insurance plans defy age-old norms and help you secure your family’s financial future easily. The simple online process to get insurance ensures a quick and frictionless policy purchase from anywhere, anytime. It offers instant approval and eliminates the wait for underwriting approval.

This customer-friendly approach to insurance is the reason increasing numbers of Canadians, especially those with health issues, prefer our No-Medical exam plans.


Easy, accessible online application process for getting insured with pre-existing health conditions.


So… Can You get Insurance with Pre-Existing Health Condition? Yes!

Having a pre-existing health condition needn't hinder your attempt to secure life insurance. Everyone qualifies for life protection. This belief guided us at Specialty Life to offer coverage regardless of any health histories or concerns.

Our No-Medical Exam Plans present a brilliant opportunity for those alienated due to their health issues to get the coverage they need. Make an informed choice that caters to your unique needs and secure your future.

With Specialty Life, no hurdles can hold you back!



Empower Your Future: Get Covered Today

Don't let a pre-existing health condition stop you from safeguarding your loved ones' financial future. With Specialty Life's No-Medical insurance plans, you can secure the coverage you need, irrespective of your health history or condition.

Embark on your journey towards assured coverage and peace of mind today because at Specialty Life, we believe each life counts.

Breakthrough Barriers & Secure Your Loved Ones' Future with Specialty Life’s No-Medical Plans


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