How Much Does the Average Funeral Cost in Canada? 2022

07 15, 2022

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The average funeral cost differs across Canada. However, just like with the rising cost of living, the cost of dying is also going up for Canadians.

In this article, we explore what multiple Canadian funeral directors and other key people in the death-care industry say you can expect to pay for a funeral in Canada in 2022. That way, you can be better prepared to start making arrangements.

Is the Average Funeral Cost Going up in Canada?

The cost of a funeral is indeed going up for Canadians. In 2021 the National Funeral Directors Association held a study that found the median cost of an adult funeral with viewing and burial went up by 6.6% since 2016.

Although those numbers are for services in the US, Canadians are not immune to the price hike either.average funeral cost is going up in Canada.

How Much Money are Funeral Arrangements in Canada?

There are many things to consider when making funeral arrangements. But the first thing to figure out is whether you want a traditional burial, or cremation.

Funeral and Cremation Costs: What Type of Funeral is Cheapest?

Cremation is far more affordable than a traditional burial, that's probably why more and more Canadians are choosing to be cremated.

There are several reasons for cremation being cheaper, but the two biggest reasons are because you don't need to pay for a casket nor burial plot. Moreover, with an urn, you don't need to pay for a hearse to do the transportation. Any vehicle will work, and it can be handled by a loved one.

However, there are still many other funeral expenses outside of choosing between an urn or casket.

burial costs are typically higher than cremation fees

Traditional Funeral Costs

With a traditional burial, you'll pay for the casket, but you'll also pay for transportation. If you decide on an open casket, you'll also need to hire a makeup artist. Finally, you'll pay for the cost to bury, as well as the headstone. Some cemeteries will also ask you to reinforce the burial site.

Casket — $2500

The cost of a casket will be more or less depending on the material you choose. For example, a metal casket costs much more than a wooden one.

Embalming — $800

Though not essential, most funeral homes require this to be done in order to have a viewing.

Cosmetics and Hair Styling — $300

When you go with an open casket, the funeral director has to use a special type of makeup. This makeup is pricier than regular makeup, since it needs to be formulated to apply to skin without body heat.

Hearse and Guest Transportation — $550

The cost of a hearse will be more or less depending on the price of gas. Also consider you might need to arrange transportation for guest between the funeral home and burial plot.

Funeral Home Services — $2300

The funeral home needs to reserve a place to keep the body secure until the viewing or burial services. Moreover, the funeral home may have other overhead expenses that you'll need to cover.

Grave Marker — $2000

The price of your gravestone will also vary by its material, as well as the length of the inscription.

Winter Burial Fee — $100

If it's the winter, expect to pay a little more for the burial. You might even have to pay to store the remains until spring.

the cremation process is less costly than burial costs

Cremation Costs

The average cost of a cremation in Canada is far lower than traditional burials. But keep in mind, you'll still need to pay for the memorial service regardless to the end-of-life option you choose.

Cremation Casket — $1400

This is the casket that holds the body as the ashes are created. It can't be a regular casket, as it can't contain any metal.

Urn — $300

Like a traditional casket, an urn will range in price depending on the materials used.

What are Other Expenses of a Funeral?

Death Certificates — $50

You will need to register the death and get a death certificate in order to claim insurance and settle the estate.

Ceremonies —$1500

If you plan on having a celebration of life or other memorial service, you'll need to rent an event space for guests.

Staffing — $600

In addition to renting a space, you'll need to hire staff such as caterers or custodians.

Flower Arrangements — $600

There's a lot more to getting flowers than just buying the flowers. Each bouquet will need to be supplied and arranged by a professional.

Catering — $500

Food is an important thing to remember when planning an event for many guests. You'll need to pay for the food to be made, but also for it to be transported to the service, as well as its clean-up.

Print Materials — $200

This includes the guest book, and any other booklets or printed material needed for the memorial service.

Obituary Notices — $350

You might need to pay additional costs in order to have the obituary published in the newspaper. This varies by the paper.

Your funeral service may need additional fees paid such as for flower arrangements

What is the Average Funeral Cost for Each Province?

Although the total price you pay varies depending on whether you go with a burial or cremation, it can also vary by province. Here's the median cost for a funeral per province:

  • British Columbia – $1,000 to $12,000
  • Alberta – $4000 to $12,000
  • Saskatchewan – $7,775 to $10,o00
  • Manitoba – $7,000 to $10,000
  • Ontario – $1,500 to $20,000
  • Quebec – $9,000 to $10,000
  • Newfoundland and Labrador – $9,500 to $11,000
  • Nova Scotia – $9,000 to $11,000.
  • New Brunswick – $8,000 to $10,000.
  • Prince Edward Island – $8,000 to $10,000

How Can You Save Money on Average Funeral Cost?

Yes, the funeral or memorial service will be expensive. Moreover, with rising inflation, funeral expenses are rising also. With that said, there are still some ways you can cover funeral costs so they are less of a burden on your loved ones:

Limit Guests at the Main Memorial Services

By keeping the guest list to only close family members, you can hold the celebration of life or memorial services at your home or local church.

Hold the Larger Celebration of Life at a Local Restaurant

Although you may have to pay a small fee when you reserve seats at a restaurant for large parties, it will not be anywhere close to the fees paid to rent an event hall or funeral home.

Have a Pot-Luck Instead of Catering

Food for your guests is important. With that said, you might be able to get away with having the guests bring dishes potluck-style.

Go with Direct Cremation

The cremation fee will always be less than the equivalent burial costs. At the end of the day, it is quite cumbersome to transport and secure a deceased person. Cremated remains enable a lot more flexibility when it comes to transportation.

Compare Average Funeral Cost from Various Death-Care Providers

When funeral planning, shop around! Call various funeral homes in your area to get a sense of their service fees. Then you can make a more informed decision when you start making your arrangements.

Get Excelsior Insurance

We'll touch on this more in the next section, but being prepared ahead of time will dramatically reduce your overhead when the time comes for the funeral ceremony.

Consider funeral insurance in order to cover expenses like the basic services fee

Why is a Life Insurance Policy Important to Lower your Average Funeral Cost?

Although you might know some of these funeral costs, you might be like most Canadians who aren't aware of the total scope of funeral expenses. However at the end of the day, the average funeral costs about the same (if not more) than the average wedding.

That means, ironic as it may sound, a funeral service may be one of the most expensive things you pay for in life!

Also keep in mind, if your family members are left to cover the cost of a funeral, they will likely not be doing so with a lump sum payment. Instead they'd have to take out a loan, which, given rising interest rates, is costlier than ever.

To save this financial burden from hanging over your family, consider getting Excelsior Insurance.

Excelsior insurance pays your loved ones a death benefit to cover funeral costs and other end of life expenses. That means for a modest fee each month, you ensure you don't leave your family with debt, but rather have the fullest celebration of life you deserve.

Key Takeaways

  • The cost of a funeral is expensive but will be more affordable with direct cremation services than burial
  • In addition to the casket or urn and grave marker, you'll need to pay the funeral provider service fees such as flowers, cosmetics, securing the remains, and paying for transportation
  • You'll also need to pay for catering, as well as staffing
  • Funeral prices vary by province
  • You can ensure each expense is covered ahead of time by opening a Excelsiors Plan

The Secret to a Low Cost Funeral? A Excelsiors Policy You Can Trust.

When you eat at a restaurant with your family, your won't walk out and leave them with the bill. So why would you saddle your loved ones with your funeral bill?

By opening up an insurance plan to cover your final arrangements, you eliminate leaving your family members with your debt.

Unlike with other life insurance companies, going with Specialty Life means you never undergo a medical exam nor will you be required to get a doctor report. If you're between 18 and 74 and have a Canadian residence, your application cannot be denied for any reason.

Get a quote now from our helpful team to find out how much you can be saving on your policy!pay


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