Confronting a Pre-Existing Condition with the Right Life Insurance: Comparing What's Available to You

08 31, 2023
Jake Smith

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Do you worry about your ability to get life insurance due to a pre-existing condition? It's a common concern, but we're here to let you in on a secret: a pre-existing condition doesn't mean the end of your insurance journey.

Here, we'll dive into how having a pre-existing condition can influence your options, and more importantly, how to navigate the process. This post will empower you to make informed decisions about life insurance that balance your unique health condition with your financial goals.

Understanding Concerns — Pre-existing Conditions

Pre-existing conditions are health issues diagnosed or treated before pursuing an insurance policy. For instance, you might be dealing with heart disease, diabetes, cancer, amongst others.

From an insurer's viewpoint, these conditions could increase potential risk, resulting in potential insurance application rejections or heightened premiums. However, don’t lose heart. Knowing the insurance plans available and their treatment of pre-existing conditions is half the battle.


Woman with pre-existing condition considering different life insurance options online.


Exploring Your Life Insurance Options

Traditional Term Life Insurance

Under traditional term life insurance, the presence of pre-existing conditions could indeed impact your policy. You might have to face higher premiums, or in the worst cases, your coverage could be denied.

However, remember that each insurance company has their specific workings, and their underwriting approaches can vary significantly. So, the final impact of your pre-existing condition is assessed individually.

  • In Short: With a traditional insurance policy, a pre-existing condition will likely lead to higher premiums and even outright denial.

Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance

Now it's time for some good news. For anyone struggling to obtain traditional life insurance due to a pre-existing condition, consider Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance, also known as No Medical Exam Life Insurance.

As the name suggests, this insurance type guarantees your acceptance for a policy, irrespective of any pre-existing conditions. So, if health reasons have been a blockade in getting your desired coverage, this plan could be your saving grace.

While these policies generally offer lower coverage amounts and higher premiums than conventional policies, they provide the solace of knowing that your loved ones will be financially secure to handle your final expenses.

  • In Short: With No Medical Exam Insurance, you cannot be denied for a pre-existing condition.


Mother and Daughter agreeing that guaranteed issue life insurance is perfect for individuals with pre-existing conditions.


Prepping for The Application Process

The application process for life insurance with a pre-existing condition becomes a walk in the park when you're adequately prepared and know where to go.

Traditional Application Process

With a traditional insurance provider, it's crucial to give a comprehensive and accurate health history to the insurer. Any discrepancies or mistakes could lead to denial of claim when your dependents need it the most. Also, maintaining detailed records of your past health conditions and treatments increases your credibility and streamlines what can be a lengthy underwriting process.

  • In Short: Traditional Insurers require comprehensive medical information in order to provide coverage. This also means there's usually a lengthy underwriting process before you get your coverage.

Specialty Life's Same-day Application Process

On the other hand, with providers like Specialty Life, you can apply without a complete disclosure of your health history. No one gets disqualified from securing protection with our affordable No Medical Exam Term Life Insurance. Better yet, you can apply from the comfort of home on your computer, and can receive complete coverage in less than 24 hours!

  • In Short: Since there's no need for a medical exam, you can qualify for coverage online from your phone or computer. Plus, you won't have to wait for a lengthy underwriting process in order to get your protection.


Man with pre-existing condition prepares to undertake the application process.


Experience Easy Insurance with Specialty Life’s No Medical Exam Term Life Plan

Specialty Life's Term Life Plan melds the advantages of convenience and comprehensive coverage. You can gain access to a policy akin to traditional life insurance without the daunting requirement of a medical exam. Your eligibility is determined by a simple health questionnaire, and positive responses translate to a hassle-free application process and immediate coverage.

With Specialty Life’s Term Life Plan, you can avail of extensive coverage, swift approval, economical premiums, and all this without being constrained by your health's past.


Young Canadian resident sits at her desk having just filled out Specialty Life’s Term Life Plan application online.


Wrapping Up

It's important to understand that although pre-existing medical conditions can complicate your quest for life insurance, it never means coverage is out of your reach completetly. With companies like Specialty Life, you can discover insurance solutions designed to suit your distinct health situations.

Past health hitches don't need to be roadblocks in securing a financially stable future for your family. Don't let your pre-existing condition deter you from protecting your family's future. It's time to anchor your future and safeguard your loved ones' wellbeing.


Women with pre-existing conditions celebrate taking control of their financial futures.


Start Your Journey with Specialty Life Today

On the hunt for a plan that embraces you along with your pre-existing conditions? Your search ends here. Specialty Life offers coverage that adapts to your unique scenario. Let's work towards securing your future, irrespective of your health history.

Don't let a pre-existing condition hinder you from securing the perfect life insurance policy. Delay no further. Safeguard your tomorrow with Specialty Life because love means protecting those who mean the world to you.

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