If you're a cancer survivor, firstly, congratulations on your victory over the illness! Secondly, suppose you're seeking life insurance but are concerned about your cancer history. As it happens, your past ailments shouldn't limit your future financial protection. Here we offer insights on how Specialty Life makes securing life insurance for cancer survivors a reality.

Let this post be your guide as you explore life insurance options. Understand the challenges, select the right plan, and celebrate your triumph over cancer with the stability and peace of mind Specialty Life's Term Life Plan brings you.

Cancer and Life Insurance: Debunking the Doubts

Your life insurance journey might be anxiety-ridden after a cancer battle. You might also have several questions. Let's start by tackling one of the most common questions; can cancer survivors get life insurance? In short, absolutely! Cancer survivors can indeed avail life insurance. Organizations like Specialty Life have designed plans specifically tailored to cater to the needs and concerns of cancer survivors.


Cancer survivor placing a life insurance search on her laptop.


Introducing Specialty Life's No Medical Exam Term Life Plan

Specialty Life's No Medical Exam Term Life Insurance is a boon for cancer survivors. The plan does not require medical examinations or intricate health questionnaires. It guarantees acceptance and instant coverage, regardless of your past health issues.

The benefits of our plan include:

  • No medical exams and no waiting period: Get immediate coverage soon after the application.
  • Age inclusive: Available to all Canadian residents aged 18-80.
  • Easy Application: No need for lengthy paperwork or detailed medical information, allowing you to apply online in minutes and get approved within a day.
  • Range of coverage: Policy benefit amount can range from $1,000 to $1,000,000.


Cancer survivor hugging her spouse after the approval of their life insurance application.


Lasting Impact of Cancer: A Consideration

It's true that life insurance is possible regardless of cancer diagnosis. However, it's worth noting that cancer's long-term impact might alter the offerings and premiums. That said, because each cancer survivor's situation and needs are unique, life insurance plans should ideally reflect this individuality.

Specialty Life's No Medical Exam Life Insurance provides protection that is both flexible and customized. We guide you in making informed decisions to find the plan that suits you best.


Two cancer survivors, excitedly discussing their future with coffee and laptop on the table.


Everyday Insurance Excellence with Specialty Life's No Med Exam Term Life Plan

Navigating a world post-cancer involves adjustments. Your life insurance should not be taxing, rather it should foster peace and security. With Specialty Life’s Term Life Plan, you embark on a journey towards insurance that bridges the gap between your past health record and your future insurance needs.

The plan combines practicality with adaptability. Essentially, it's a simplified yet extensive plan that supports your existing lifestyle and future aspirations without the daunting requirement of a medical exam.

Discover a world where convenience meets coverage, where cancer survivors don't just survive, but thrive!


Cancer survivor enjoying financial stability with Specialty Life’s Term Life Plan.


Concluding Thoughts

Your victory over cancer is a testament to your strength. It is the time to celebrate your victory with renewed security and peace of mind. With the right life insurance plan, your pre-existing condition does not preclude you from financially protecting your loved ones. In short, with Specialty Life's dedicated insurance plans, you can rest easy. Your family's future is secure.

Remember, your survival is a new start; make it count!



Embrace Your Future with Specialty Life Insurance

Are you ready to tackle life insurance as a cancer survivor? If so, we at Specialty Life, are here to support you throughout this journey. Together, we can customize a plan that optimizes both your coverage and peace of mind.

Why delay? Secure your tomorrow. Make your victory over cancer more rewarding with our No Medical Exam Life Insurance.

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Experiencing the loss of a loved one is incredibly tough. Adding to the emotional toll is the stress of planning a funeral and dealing with the associated costs. Moreover, these challenges are magnified if they were under-insured. However, that's where burial insurance with pre-existing conditions steps in.

In this blog post, we take a closer look at burial insurance specifically designed for those with pre-existing health issues. You will discover the benefits. Then, you'll be able to determine if this coverage might be the ideal fit for you and your family.

Come along and join us on this enlightening journey!

Reliable Coverage — Burial Insurance With Pre-Existing Conditions

Life is full of unexpected hurdles, including pre-existing conditions. But you don't have to fret about soaring healthcare costs or leaving your loved ones with financial stress.

Our Excelsior Plan, a form of burial insurance with pre-existing conditions, serves to cover your funeral expenses and prevent your family from draining their savings. It offers a safety net, allowing you and your loved ones to focus on the essential things—creating and cherishing memories.


A senior man gaining peace of mind from his burial insurance with pre-existing conditions.


Excelsior Plan — What Makes It Distinct?

Easy Access to Coverage

One striking aspect of our Excelsior Plan for individuals with pre-existing conditions is its accessibility. Traditional insurance policies often require medical exams and substantial paperwork. However, our Excelsior Plan offers ease. It's simpler and provides a hassle-free option.

Complete Excelsior Coverage

Our Excelsior Plan typically offer adequate coverage to cater to end-of-life costs. Depending on your chosen plan, benefits could cover medical bills, funeral costs, and other related expenses, alleviating a significant burden from your family.


An older woman content with her accessible coverage of burial insurance.


Stable Premiums

With our Excelsior Plan, raising premiums over time are not a concern. Your premiums are fixed. They don't increase. Instead, they remain the same with aging or changes in health. This budget-friendly feature of the Excelsior Plan ensures you maintain your coverage without squeezing your finances.

No Medical Exam Needed

One appealing attribute of the Excelsior Plan is the no medical exam application process. There are no complicated medical exams or detailed health questions. This makes insurance accessible to those in need. In short, no one's turned away due to health or age.

Peace of Mind

The ultimate benefit of the Excelsior Plan for individuals with pre-existing conditions is peace of mind. The relief of knowing you won't leave a financial burden on your loved ones provides a sense of satisfaction and security. You can live your life to the fullest without worrying about the unknown in the future.


Senior relaxed, knowing her burial insurance will cover her final expenses.


Optimizing Your Excelsior Plan

After understanding the benefits of the Excelsior Plan with pre-existing conditions, how can you get the most out of it? Here are some tips:

  • Purchase your policy early: Regardless of your age, it's beneficial to secure your insurance early. The earlier you start, the more you save towards your death benefit.
  • Understand your policy: Be clear on the coverage your plan offers. Know what's covered and what's not. Ensure it aligns with your needs and financial comfort.
  • Maintain prompt payment of your premiums: Regular and timely premium payments are crucial to preserve your policy.
  • Seek professional advice: Don’t shy away from seeking an expert's opinion. They can help guide you to select options tailored to your unique situation.

Protecting Your Peace of Mind — Conclusion

Having a pre-existing condition should not stop you from having the peace of mind that insurance can bring. With the knowledge that your loved ones won't be burdened with last expenses, this alone can bring immense relief. The Excelsior Plan with pre-existing conditions, with its easy access, extensive coverage, stable premiums, and easy application process, is a valuable solution to consider.



Your Security, Our Priority — Excelsior Plan with Pre-Existing Conditions

Ready to secure your future and give your loved ones the peace attained from knowing they won't be stressed about funding your final costs? If that's a yes, then don't hesitate to reach out.

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Diabetes might affect various aspects of your health, but should it hinder securing your life insurance? Absolutely not! You don’t have to compromise on financial protection for your family, even if you’re dealing with diabetes.

This article will discuss how diabetes can impact your insurance options, the amazing solutions that Specialty Life offers, and how you can gain peace of mind in spite of your existing health condition. Let's move ahead to better understand these aspects.

Demystifying the Impact of Diabetes on Insurance

If you're looking to secure life insurance while managing diabetes, you might face some challenges primarily due to the long-term health risks associated with the condition. However, we've got you covered, offering insurance to everyone, irrespective of their diabetes status.

With plans like our No Medical Exam Life Insurance, we aim to include everyone, ensuring that diabetes isn't an obstacle when securing your loved ones' future.


Diabetic woman feeling relief after securing life insurance from Specialty Life.


Unveiling Specialty Life’s No Medical Exam Life Insurance

Introduction to No Medical Exam Life Insurance

The No Medical Life Insurance plan from Specialty Life ensures immediate and effective coverage for all applicants without undergoing any medical screenings or exhaustive health examinations.

What are the Benefits of the Plan?

Our No Medical Life Insurance plan offers several key advantages:

  • No Medical checks, Instant coverage: No complex medical screenings ensured and your coverage can initiate as soon as you apply.
  • Broad coverage, Affordable rates: Available for individuals aged 18-80, offering coverage up to $1,000,000. We don’t let your health conditions come in the way of availing insurance.
  • Easy & Swift Application Process: Our online application process is efficient and simple, letting you apply for coverage from your comfort zone. We also ensure quick approvals, generally within 24 hours.


Couple relieved after easily applying for Specialty Life’s No Medical Life Insurance Plan.


Who Should Choose this Plan?

The beauty of Specialty Life’s No Medical Exam Life Insurance Plan is its universal appeal; it caters to a wide audience. However, it is particularly vital to certain groups of people:

People with Pre-existing Conditions

If you have a chronic health issue like diabetes, hypertension, or heart disease, this plan is ideal for you. It provides a way for you to secure a life insurance policy without the stress of medical checks.

Individuals Seeking Instant Protection

For those in need of immediate coverage without a waiting period, our No Medical Exam Life Insurance offers a lifeline. The quick, streamlined process ensures your protection begins as soon as you finalize the application.

People Looking for Highly Accessible Coverage

Age is just a number when it comes to our services. Available for people aged between 18-80, we provide a chance for all Canadians to seek financial safety for their loved ones no matter how old they are.

Individuals Who Value Convenience

Against the backdrop of a busy life schedule, you need insurance solutions that blend seamlessly. The online application process for our No Medical Exam Life Insurance is convenient, simple enough to be done from your comfort zone.

So for anyone asking themselves, "Given that I have diabetes, can I secure life insurance?" With Specialty Life, the answer is a resounding "Yes!" With such inclusivity, we ensure you enjoy complete peace of mind without concerns about your health condition becoming a stumbling block.


Satisfied customer with his family, secured by Specialty Life’s personalized insurance plan.


Final Thoughts

A pre-existing condition, like diabetes, should not discourage you from securing a life insurance plan. Specialty Life has crafted solutions, acknowledging the diversity in individuals' health conditions.

Don't let diabetes overshadow the need to secure your family's financial wellbeing. Make a smart choice, choose Specialty Life, and embrace financial stability, regardless of your health situation.


Begin Your Specialty Life’s Journey Today!

Are you eager to explore opportunities that come with Specialty Life's insurance plans, despite living with diabetes? Our experts are ready to help you tailor a plan that fits your unique needs.

We pride ourselves in offering insurance plans that are:

  • Instantaneous: Get immediate protection post-application without long waiting periods.
  • Accessible: Our services are open to everyone, regardless of health status, age, or lifestyle.
  • Personalized: Wide range of insurance products ensures that you exceed your expectations, be it a basic life insurance policy or the critical illness plan.

Don't let diabetes affect your capability to secure a solid life insurance policy. Start today and ensure your family's financial security with Specialty Life's No Medical Life Insurance.

Seize the day, Start with Specialty Life!

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Are you worried that your pre-existing health conditions might hinder your chance to secure life insurance? Worry not! Your health status doesn't dictate your ability to safeguard your family's future. Here, we will discuss how Specialty Life provides all Canadians residents an equal opportunity to protect their loved ones financially.

This blog post will unravel the myth behind pre-existing conditions, explore the accessible offerings of Specialty Life, and describe how these insurance plans can secure your family's financial stability.

Without further ado, let's get started!

Pre-existing Conditions & Life Insurance – Myth Busting Time!

Can you get Life Insurance when you have a pre-existing condition? Of course you can! While traditional life insurance providers might make the process harder for those with pre-existing conditions like diabetes or hypertension, Specialty Life changes the game by offering a range of plans that are accessible to everyone, no matter their health status.

Take for example our No Medical Exam Life Insurance plan. It's specifically designed for those facing such hurdles.


Positive man who got life insurance despite having pre-existing conditions.


Unraveling No Medical Exam Life Insurance Plans

What exactly is No Medical Exam Life Insurance?

Provided by Specialty Life, the No Medical Life Insurance, as the name suggests, doesn't require complex medical examinations or health questionnaires. Its quick, paperless application process allows people grappling with health issues to get the coverage they need, in no time.

Perks of No Medical Exam Life Insurance

No Medical Life Insurance provides several advantages. Some key benefits of our plan include:

  • No Medical exams, no waiting: There are no physical examinations or complicated paperwork, which means your coverage can start as soon as you apply.
  • Affordable rates for broad age range: Serviceable for people aged 18-80 and offers coverage up to $1,000,000. Health concerns are off the table when it comes to our offerings.
  • Fast & Simple Application: Thanks to our fast and easy online application, you can apply for coverage in minutes from the comfort of home. Better yet, we've streamlined the underwriting process allowing for approvals in less than 24 hours.


Happy older couple with their freshly secured No Medical Life Insurance.


Who is the Ideal Candidate for No Medical Exam Life Insurance?

Our No Medical Exam Life Insurance plan is suitable for all Canadian residents, age 18-80. And yes, that includes anyone who's had difficulties obtaining life insurance due to prior health conditions or lifestyle.

So, to answer the question, "Can you get life insurance with pre-existing conditions," with Specialty Life, the answer is a solid "Yes!"

Specialty Life's Recipe for Success: Quick, Accessible, & Tailored to You

Specialty Life aims to provide hassle-free insurance plans that are:

  • Instant: Immediate protection right after the application, no need to undergo long approval processes.
  • Accessible: Our services are open to everyone irrespective of health status, age, or lifestyle.
  • Customized: Wide range of insurance products to tailor the perfect plan for you, such as the basic life insurance policy or the critical illness plan.


Satisfied woman happy to have explored her options with Specialty Life's insurance plans.


Wrapping it up

Your pre-existing condition is not a barrier to your financial security. With Specialty Life, you can confidently face life's uncertainties knowing that your family’s financial future is secure.

A pre-existing condition doesn’t have to limit your life insurance choices. Choose wisely. Choose Specialty Life for a future that’s safeguarded against life’s unpredictability.



Guard Your Future Finances with Specialty Life

Eager to discover the possibilities with Specialty Life insurances, despite pre-existing health conditions? Our specialists are ready to help you craft a perfect plan to match your unique requirements.

Don’t let health complications dictate your family's financial stability. Act today and secure your family’s future with Specialty Life's No Medical Life Insurance.

Secure Your Future Today, with Specialty Life!

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Have you faced the battle against cancer and wondered – “Can I get life insurance now?” You're certainly not alone. Many people question whether they can secure life insurance after surviving cancer. The good news is that the answer is often, “Yes”.

Let's delve into the complexities of acquiring life insurance post-cancer and explore the paths that lead to securing your financial future for your loved ones, despite your health history.

Understanding Your Situation — Life Insurance & Cancer

Life insurance is a critical tool in ensuring your loved ones' financial stability if you're not there to support them. However, being a cancer survivor can impact your ability to secure life insurance. Don't let this discourage you — it's certainly possible, but you need to understand how insurance companies may view your application.

Essentially, most insurance providers generally consider cancer survivors 'high-risk' due to the potential recurrence or secondary cancers. But this doesn't mean you'll automatically be denied by everyone.


Man survivor from cancer preparing to undergo the application process.


What Factors Insurance Companies Consider

When assessing a life insurance application from a cancer survivor, insurance companies typically consider several factors:

Type of Cancer

Here, cancer refers to the specific type of cancer you had. Some cancers might carry higher risks of recurrence than others, which will influence your premium rates.

Stage & Grade

The stage and grade of your cancer at diagnosis depict the cancer's progression and aggressiveness – factors insurers take seriously when considering your application.


Insurers consider the type and stage of cancer during the application process.



What treatments did you undergo? Were they successful? How long ago did they end? The nature and success of your treatments will impact your eligibility for life insurance.

Time since Remission

The longer it has been since you were declared cancer-free, the better your chances of securing a policy. Insurers typically require a period of 'waiting' or 'post-treatment' before they'll consider insuring you.

Providing accurate and detailed information about these factors can improve your chances of securing a life insurance policy after cancer.


Woman Survivor from Cancer Thinking about her Life Insurance Options.


Investigating Your Life Insurance Alternatives

Traditional Term Life Insurance

In any traditional life insurance policy, having a past cancer diagnosis might elevate your premium costs, or worse, lead to outright denial. But remember, each case is unique and analyzed individually, as every insurer takes different underwriting factors into account.

  • In Short: A history of cancer may lead to elevated premiums or denial from traditional insurance providers.

No Medical Exam Life Insurance

Here's the silver lining. Those who get denied traditional life insurance due to their past can look into No Medical Exam Life Insurance, also known as, Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance. Despite a higher premium cost for possibly lower coverage, this insurance type promises that no one applying for protection gets left behind, regardless of their health history.

  • In Short: No Medical Exam Life Insurance offers protection to every applicant, including cancer survivors.


Positive woman realizing that a Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance is best for her past cancer history.


Discover the Ease of Insurance with Specialty Life's No Medical Exam Term Life Plan

With Specialty Life's Term Life Plan, convenience goes hand in hand with comprehensive coverage. Our easy health questionnaire can get you covered swiftly without the need to recall every detail of your health's past. All you need to get started on securing your future is positivity in your responses.

  • Quick Approval: You can bypass the lengthy approval process that comes with traditional insurance. Get instant approval without medical exams or lengthy health questionnaires.
  • No Medical Examination: As a cancer survivor, you may not want to go through a medical exam. With the No Medical Exam Term Life plan, you don't have to.
  • Flexible & Convenient: The application process is simple and entirely online, saving you time and energy. Plus, you can choose from policy terms that suit your financial situation and family needs.
  • Straightforward Coverage: The terms of the policy are clear and straightforward. There's no fine print or hidden clauses, so you know exactly what you're getting.
  • Affordability: The No Medical Exam Term Life plans from Specialty Life are generally more affordable relative to other life insurance policies designed for high-risk individuals. Moreover, you can opt for coverage that's tailored to your budget.

At Specialty Life, we believe that your past fight with cancer shouldn't hold you back from securing your family's financial future. With our Term Life Plan, coverage is achievable, just steps away.


An elated young Canadian resident beginning her application for Specialty Life’s No Medical Exam Term Life Plan online.



While a past cancer diagnosis can complicate the path to securing life insurance, remember that coverage is always within reach. At Specialty Life, we believe in the power of insurance to provide peace of mind and protect loved ones' financial futures. Regardless of your health history, we are committed to working with you to find a solution that suits your needs and circumstances.

Whatever your journey, there's a life insurance product tailored for you – and we are here to guide you through the process.



Secure Your Financial Future with Specialty Life

Overcoming cancer is a significant achievement, and getting bitter with life insurance should not add to your stress. Let our experienced advisors help you secure the life insurance coverage you require.

Act today, give your loved ones the gift of financial stability and the protection they deserve with Specialty Life.



Have you wondered, can you get insurance with pre existing health condition? Often, traditional insurance companies might turn your application down, casting a shadow of worry over your family's financial future. But fear not, for there are solutions tailored for those grappling with health conditions.

Here, we uncover how Specialty Life extends vital coverage, regardless of your past or current health conditions. With the right know-how, you can secure your loved ones’ financial future.

Let’s delve deep!

Sweeping Away Hurdles, Providing Coverage

The common fallacy is that a pre-existing health condition bars you from life insurance. Specialty Life dispels this myth with its array of no-medical exam insurance plans, offering a lifeline for those whose health issues determine their insurability.

Our policies skip medical exams and intrusive health queries entirely. Acceptance is solely based on your age and Canadian residency status. Now, you can assure your loved ones of a financially secure future, with no concern for your health history or condition.


Man with pre-existing health conditions getting life insurance from Specialty Life.


The Perks of No-Medical Exam Life Insurance

If you are suffering from a health issue, the thought of buying life insurance may seem staggering. Traditional insurance pathways often dismiss applications, especially when health concerns are present, leaving many individuals and their families in a lurch. This is when No-Medical life insurance plans become a savior.

Our No-Medical Exam plans have eliminated the need for medical examinations and health inquiries, making their acceptance a breeze. They are a beacon of hope for those medically uninsurable, creating opportunities for everyone to get the coverage they need.

No matter if you're eyeing for an affordable and flexible Term Life plan or, if you're older, trustworthy and reliable Excelsior coverage, our No-Medical exam insurance plans welcome all applications — if you're between the eligible ages of 18-80 and living in Canada, regardless of your health status or concerns.


Accessibility assured with No-Medical plans for individuals with pre-existing health conditions.


Easing Your Life Insurance Journey

Specialty Life seeks to uncomplicate the insurance procurement process. Traditional routes can be slow and socially uncomfortable, with meetings, paperwork, and detailed medical exams. We believe in a smooth, effortless process which caters to your convenience.

Our No-Medical exam life insurance plans defy age-old norms and help you secure your family’s financial future easily. The simple online process to get insurance ensures a quick and frictionless policy purchase from anywhere, anytime. It offers instant approval and eliminates the wait for underwriting approval.

This customer-friendly approach to insurance is the reason increasing numbers of Canadians, especially those with health issues, prefer our No-Medical exam plans.


Easy, accessible online application process for getting insured with pre-existing health conditions.


So… Can You get Insurance with Pre-Existing Health Condition? Yes!

Having a pre-existing health condition needn't hinder your attempt to secure life insurance. Everyone qualifies for life protection. This belief guided us at Specialty Life to offer coverage regardless of any health histories or concerns.

Our No-Medical Exam Plans present a brilliant opportunity for those alienated due to their health issues to get the coverage they need. Make an informed choice that caters to your unique needs and secure your future.

With Specialty Life, no hurdles can hold you back!



Empower Your Future: Get Covered Today

Don't let a pre-existing health condition stop you from safeguarding your loved ones' financial future. With Specialty Life's No-Medical insurance plans, you can secure the coverage you need, irrespective of your health history or condition.

Embark on your journey towards assured coverage and peace of mind today because at Specialty Life, we believe each life counts.

Breakthrough Barriers & Secure Your Loved Ones' Future with Specialty Life’s No-Medical Plans


As you age, finding a reliable life insurance policy that accommodates pre-existing health conditions can be a daunting pile of rejections. Thankfully, finding the best Life Insurance for seniors with pre-existing conditions in Canada is easier than you think! Excelsior plans offer stellar life protection coverage regardless of your health conditions or age.

In this article, we’ll delve further into Excelsior Plans. We will discuss how these plans outperform regular life insurance plans for seniors with pre-existing health conditions and highlight their additional benefits.

Excelsior Insurance: A Life Saver for Seniors with Pre-existing Conditions

When it comes to securing life insurance, your age or health shouldn't stop you. Excelsior plans by Specialty Life offer Canadians a no-medical life insurance option. With these policies, you get coverage guaranteed so long as you have a Canadian residence, and are between age 18 and 74. These plans are especially great for seniors with pre-existing conditions who may face hurdles obtaining traditional life insurance.

Ultimately, Excelsior plans aim to safeguard your loved ones' financial security after your death. Plus, they do this without imposing any hidden fine-print or surprise rate hikes. It's steady coverage you can trust for you and the people you love.

Senior grateful to have Excelsior Plans for securing his future.

Unpacking Excelsior Insurance - A Heartfelt Commitment to Seniors

Excelsior Insurance can be a lifesaver for seniors, as it guarantees coverage even for those denied by other insurance due to health issues. With other insurance plans demanding a clean bill of health, Excelsior plans offer a beacon of hope for seniors with chronic ailments.

Specialty Life's Excelsior insurance requires no health tests or medical exams. Our plans eliminate the fear of rejection due to health reasons, offering a safe and straightforward way to leave a financial legacy for your loved ones.

Excelsior insurance offers hope for seniors with chronic ailments.

Beneath the Surface: Benefits of Excelsior Insurance

Excelsior insurance is more than just another life insurance policy. We've designed this policy to specifically cater to the needs of seniors — especially those with pre-existing conditions.

Here are some key reasons why Canadian seniors choose Excelsior insurance:

Guaranteed Acceptance

Regardless of your medical history or current health status, as long as you’re between 18 and 74, and have a residence in Canada, you will receive coverage – that’s guaranteed.

Easy Application Process

Forget complex paperwork and extensive health surveys! The application process is quick, easy, and most importantly, done comfortably at your own time and pace.

Financial Security for Loved Ones

The policy proceeds can help your loved ones manage any financial burdens associated with your passing, including funeral expenses, debts, and medical bills.

Reliable Low Cost Premiums

Enjoy premiums fixed in five year terms. Despite advancing age or worsening health, your costs won't increase over the term. Then when it is time to move to the next term, you premiums are guaranteed to be less than a new applicant of the same age.

Flexible Protection

These policies are highly adaptable and offer coverage in almost any situation. This makes it an ideal fit for seniors with pre-existing health conditions and the fear of coverage rejection.

Instant Approval

The underwriting process for typical life insurance plans can take weeks or even months. With our Excelsior plans, you won’t need to lose sleep over whether you'll be approved. You can qualify in minutes!

Your Simple Steps to Uncomplicated Life Coverage

Getting coverage is as simple as submitting an easy online application. No doctor visits. No detailed medical history. It's a rapid and pain-free process to ensure your peace of mind by securing a good financial standing for your loved ones.

With that said, if you need assistance or have any questions while applying, our team is ready to help you make the best decisions for securing your family's future. We are more than a company — we are your partner in this journey towards lifetime financial security for your family.

Senior with pre-existing condition getting professional advice about Excelsior coverage.

Conclusion: Excelsior Plans — Life Insurance Built for Seniors

In conclusion, for senior citizens with pre-existing health conditions, seeking an affordable and reliable life insurance option can often feel like an upward task. Luckily, Excelsior plans are here to help. Leave your health concerns behind! You can specifically tailor a plan today and provide your family with guaranteed financial security.

In essence, this life insurance solution is perfect for Canadian seniors with health conditions who are searching for reliable, affordable, and secure financial protection.

Family now assured of their financial future thanks to finding the best life insurance for seniors with pre-existing conditions.

Your Route to Uncomplicated Life Coverage: Excelsior Plans

Embrace the financial protection and peace of mind offered by a Excelsior plan. If you’re Canadian, aged between 18 to 74, with pre-existing health conditions, this life insurance is built just for you. Your health history will never hold you back from getting reliable, affordable and secure life protection catered to your needs.

Embark on your journey to an insured future today!


Retirement marks the end of a long career and the start of a new chapter in life, with so many things to do. From staying active to exploring new interests, there is something for everyone when it comes to the next phase in your life!

In this article, we will cover a few ideas to help you make the most of your later life, no matter your financial constraints. That way, you can make sure you make the most of your golden years.

Here are Fun Things to Do for Older Adults in Retirement:


One of the most relaxing and rewarding activities you can do is gardening. Gardening is a great way to get outside and get some exercise. Spend some time tending to your plants, and you’ll reap the rewards of your labor. You can grow your own fruits and vegetables, which can save you money on groceries. Planting different vegetables and fruits also helps to diversify your diet, exposing you to new flavors and tastes.

Gardening also helps to bring the beauty of nature into your home. You can choose flowers that will attract butterflies and other wildlife to your garden. You can also pick out herbs and other plants that will give your home a nice aroma.

Adding a few plants can make any indoor or outdoor space comes with many benefits. It makes the space feel inviting and relaxing. Plus, you can use fresh herbs to flavor your meals and make them more enjoyable. Gardening can help you to enjoy nature while providing you with the means to improve your health and wallet.

Gardening is a great new skill to learn as you make your community more beautiful while getting fresh air.
Senior woman potting plant in garden at home.


Retirement is a great time to travel and see new places. You can plan a road trip, take a cruise, or visit a foreign country. Whether you choose to explore your own backyard or journey to the other side of the world, travel can be a great way to spend your retirement.

Road trips, in particular, are a great way to travel in retirement. You can take your time, see the sights, and discover places you never knew existed. You can plan a weekend getaway, or a longer trip spanning several weeks. With a road trip, the possibilities are endless.

Cruises are another great way to travel in retirement. Cruise ships offer a variety of destinations and amenities, from all-inclusive packages to themed cruises. You can choose a shorter cruise, or a longer voyage that spans multiple days. Cruises provide the perfect opportunity to relax and explore new places.

Finally, visiting a foreign country can be an exciting way to spend retirement. You can plan a multi-week vacation, or a longer trip of several months. Exploring a new country allows you to immerse yourself in a different culture, meet new people, and experience a place like never before.

No matter how you choose to spend your retirement, travel can be one of the best ways to make the most of it. From road trips to cruises to foreign countries, the possibilities are endless. So make a plan, choose a destination, and start exploring the world!

Vacation time can also be a great time to learn a new language (or to teach english as a part-time job).
Group of senior friends posing for selfie as they hike along trail in countryside together.


Photography is a wonderful way to celebrate your retirement and to capture memories. You can express your creativity by taking photos of your travels, your garden, or your family and friends. With a digital camera, you can quickly and easily share your photos with friends and family. You don't have to be an expert photographer to enjoy the hobby. Amateur photographers can use simple editing software to enhance their photos and create beautiful works of art.

If you're worried you won't have enough money, don't! You don't need expensive equipment to get started. You can find affordable cameras and lenses online or in retail stores. Investing in quality equipment will help you take better photos, but it is not necessary for beginners.

You can also find tutorials online to help you learn the basics of photography, such as composition and lighting. With a bit of practice, you can create stunning photos that will be cherished for years to come.

Visiting National Parks can be a great place to take quality pictures while hiking (and could even become a part-time job for some extra money!)
A senior African-American woman in her 70s enjoying the outdoors, hiking in a park, taking photographs. She is looking upward.


Cooking is a fun and rewarding hobby that can also be a great way to entertain friends and family. You can start off by trying out new recipes and develop your skills in the kitchen. Or if you already know some of your favorite dishes, you can practice refining them.

Cooking can be a great way to relax and unwind. With the extra time you have in retirement, you can experiment with different cuisines, master the basics, or just enjoy the process of trying something new. You can also take cooking classes to learn the latest techniques and recipes. Whatever you choose to do, it is sure to be a rewarding and enjoyable experience.

Younger friends and old friends alike can come together over a delicious home-cooked meal.
Asian chinese family chinese new year reunion dinner having traditional dishes at dining table.

Knitting or Crocheting

Knitting and crocheting are both relaxing hobbies that can also be productive. You can make beautiful gifts for friends and family or even start a small business selling your creations. With a bit of practice, you can create almost any item you can imagine. From hats and scarves to sweaters, blankets and more, the possibilities are endless.

Not only are these activities enjoyable, but they help keep your mind sharp. With each stitch and each project, you are challenging and exercising your brain. Plus, the accomplishment of completing a project and seeing the final result can be very rewarding. In addition, knitting and crocheting offer a great opportunity to get together with friends and fellow hobbyists. It’s a wonderful way to stay connected, share your stories and make new friends.

You may be able to find classes or free courses online to get started with knitting.
A little girl sitting on sofa with her grandparents and learning to knit indoors at home.


Painting can be a great way to express your creativity and make beautiful pieces of art in retirement. You don't have to be an expert to get started, as there are many different tutorials and classes available for all skill levels. If you are just starting out, there are many online tutorials that can help you learn the basics of painting. You can even take a class at your local art supply store or community center to get an introduction to painting and learn more advanced techniques.

No matter what your skill level, there is something for everyone when it comes to painting. You can create stunning pieces of art to show off to your friends and family, or create something meaningful just for yourself. Painting can also be a great way to relax and de-stress after a long day. So if you're looking for a creative outlet in retirement, painting can be a great way to explore your creativity and make some beautiful works of art.

Painting could even become a second career in this new phase of your life.
Senior artist woman drawing at home.


Writing is an excellent way to express your thoughts and experiences. Retirement is a great time to start a blog or write a book. You can document your journey through retirement or share your life experiences with your family and friends. It can also be beneficial to keep a journal. Writing down your thoughts, feelings, and goals can help you stay focused on what matters to you.

Retirement is a wonderful time to explore new passions. Writing is a great way to do this. Whether you are looking for a way to connect with others, document your journey, or simply release your thoughts, writing can be a fulfilling activity. You can start a blog, write a book, or keep a journal. It’s up to you how you choose to express yourself. Writing can be a great way to stay productive, motivated, and engaged in retirement.

For more things to do in retirement, and in addition to writing, you could also join a book club.
Group of male and female friends, meeting for a book club, where they reading and discuss.

Stay Active

Retirement is the perfect time to focus on physical and mental health. Staying active is key to a healthy retirement, and there are many ways to do this. Going for regular walks or joining a walking group is a great way to stay in shape. If you're looking for something a bit more intense, you could look into joining a local gym and taking classes or using the gym's equipment.

Exercise isn't the only way to be active in retirement. Take up activities that keep your brain healthy, such as reading, puzzles, and games. Doing something that challenges your mind can help prevent cognitive decline and keep your thinking sharp. There are also many online resources and classes available to help you stay mentally active.

No matter what activities you choose, staying active in retirement is essential for both physical and mental health. Incorporating exercise and activities that challenge your mind into your daily routine can help you make the most of your retirement.

Physical health is extra important to maintain. Luckily, there are several leisure activities many retirees love to stay in their best shape.
Smiling female friends rowing boat in lake. Mature women are enjoying boating in forest. They are on vacations.

Metal & Woodworking

Woodworking is a great hobby for those who enjoy working with their hands and creating something from scratch. Whether you’re a beginner or a skilled craftsman, metal and/or woodworking is an activity that can bring hours of enjoyment and satisfaction in retirement.

From furniture to toys to decorative items, there’s no limit to what you can create. You can use plans and patterns to guide your project, or design something entirely of your own. You can even take classes or join a woodworking club to learn more skills and techniques. With the right tools and materials, you can make everything from birdhouses to cabinets to rocking chairs.

Metal and Woodworking are both challenging and rewarding. Not only will it help keep you active, but you’ll also have beautiful items to show off when you’re finished. Plus, you can even sell your creations if you choose to. So don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty in retirement and try woodworking as a hobby.

You could start be like the many small businesses to sell you crafts via an online Etsy shop.
Senior man using an angle grinder to create sculptures out of metal in his art studio.

Spend Time with Family Members

Family is a fundamental part of retirement, and there are many ways to enjoy it. One activity to try when you visit family is researching your family tree. Put your detective skills to work by finding out information about your family history, and even create a family tree.

Another great way to spend time with family in retirement is to mentor young people in your family or community. This is a great way to give back to those coming up in the world, and you can share your hard-earned knowledge and life experience. It can also be a wonderful way to connect with the younger generation and spend quality time with your own family.

Board games are a great way to connect with family of all ages. Try to plan a weekly or monthly session.
African grandfather sitting down with his grandson on his lap, teaching him how to play chess in Canada.

Volunteer & Make New Friends

Retirement is a great time to make meaningful connections with people in your community. Joining clubs centered around your hobbies and interests is a great place to start. Not only will it give you something to do, but you can make friends with people who have similar interests.

Additionally, taking volunteer positions at local charities, animal shelters, or special events is another great way to make extra friends. Social connections are incredibly important for your physical and mental health, so take advantage of the opportunity to form meaningful relationships.

Enrolling in community colleges can also be a great place to meet new people.
Mature student using digital tablet in adult education class.


Whatever your retirement plan, it's the perfect time to pursue activities and adventures that bring true joy, a sense of fulfillment and overall well being.

From engaging in hobbies, exploring new countries, spending time with family, to learning new skills, there are many great opportunities available to seniors that can help them maintain physical and mental health, build new relationships, and enjoy their golden years to the fullest!

Protect Your Loved Ones with a Excelsior Plan

Retirement is about more than just having fun; it’s also about financial planning for the future and leaving a secure legacy for your loved ones.

Taking control of your financial security with a final expense plan is the best way to ensure that your family is taken care of when you’re gone, and give you the peace of mind you need to truly enjoy your retirement.

With the right insurance policy, you can make sure that your loved ones are provided for and your legacy is secure.

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While retirement can be a time of great excitement, it's no secret that it can also be a time of great stress and anxiety. That’s why it’s important to remember there are things you can do to keep healthy habits in retirement.

In this article, we'll explain the importance of staying healthy in retirement. Plus, we'll give you great tips on how you can be your healthiest self late into your sunset years.

Let's get into it!

The Importance of Staying Healthy in Retirement

There are many reasons why it's important to try for better health in retirement. First and foremost, your overall health is your most valuable asset. Without good health, it's difficult to enjoy yourself to the fullest.

Additionally, staying healthy can help you keep your independence while saving money on healthcare costs down the road. That means you don’t need to worry about becoming a burden on your loved ones.

Of course, there's more to existence than money. Keeping a healthy lifestyle in retirement also gives you the opportunity to spend more time with loved ones, travel the world, and pursue new hobbies and interests. In short, it allows you to live your best sense of self!

There are plenty things older adults in Canada can do in order to avoid long term care and live a long and healthy retirement.

Tips for a Healthy Retirement

Now that we've talked about why staying healthy is so important in retirement, let's talk about how you can actually do it!

Here are a few great tips :

Physical Health

Get Regular Checkups & Screenings

You can dramatically reduce your need for doctor's visits with only 30 minutes of physical activity.

One of the first steps to take control of your health is understanding the risks associated with retirement age.

As we age, our bodies become more susceptible to diseases and conditions such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer's disease, and arthritis. It's important to be aware of these risks so that you can take steps to prevent them — especially if health issues run in your family history.

That’s why it’s a good idea to see your doctor for regular checkups and screenings even if you feel fine. Doing so helps to catch any potential health problems early on so that they can be treated effectively.

Eat a Healthy Diet

In addition to exercise, eating a healthy diet is especially full of benefits for older people.

Eating a balanced diet is crucial for maintaining good health at any age. But it's especially important as you get older since your body becomes less able to absorb nutrients from food as efficiently as it once did.

Try to make sure your diet includes plenty of fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Also, stick to lean proteins such as chicken, fish, tofu, nuts, and seeds. Finally, don’t forget to eat healthy fats like olive oil, coconut oil, or avocados every day — especially if you have high blood pressure.

Eating right will help boost your immune system and keep chronic conditions at bay. At the same time, you'll find yourself with more energy to do the things you love and stay independent.

Exercise Regularly

Developing a fitness routine is important to reduce your need for medical care.

Regular exercise is another key component of a healthy lifestyle. It improves cardiovascular health, strengthens bones and muscles, reduces stress levels, boosts brain function, and more.

Aim for 30 minutes of moderate exercise most days of the week. If you're not used to exercising, start off slowly by taking a brisk walk around the block. Then, gradually increase the intensity level until you reach your goal.

Outside of brisk walks, there are plenty of other ways to stay active and maintain your health as you age. Swimming laps or taking a gentle yoga class are great exercises for seniors because they're low-impact and easy on the joints while still maintaining good bone health.

Gardening, tai-chi, and dancing are also great ideas for older adults to stay physically active.

In the end, it’s important to find activities that you enjoy and that fit into your lifestyle.

Quit Smoking

Research has long shown that smoking is harmful for your long term care.

If you smoke, now is the time to quit. Smoking is one of the leading causes of death and illness worldwide, so quitting will do wonders for your health. Better yet, you save a lot of money when you don’t buy cigarettes!

More money in your pocket means you have more to spend on hobbies and your loved ones.

If you are struggling to quit smoking, try speaking with your doctor about nicotine replacement therapies or other medications that can help. You can also try speaking with a smoking cessation counselor for more advanced tips and advice to cut the habit.

Get Enough Sleep

In order to keep an active lifestyle, older people must also make sure they get a good night's sleep.

Getting a good night's sleep is essential for good physical health, but also better mental health. Most adults need seven or eight hours of sleep per night. However, it's not uncommon for many seniors to notice their sleep patterns change as they age.

Try to set up a nightly routine, and do your best to keep a consistent sleep schedule. Keeping a consistent schedule can do wonders for your sleep quality.

If you're having trouble sleeping through the night, talk with your doctor about ways you can improve your sleep hygiene.

Mental Health

Take Steps to Reduce Stress

In addition to staying active through physical activities, its also important to keep your mind sharp through brain exercises like word puzzles.

Everyone feels stressed now and then, but it can take a serious toll on your health if it's not managed effectively — especially in your golden years. Moreover, it can harm your relationships with those closest to you.

If you're feeling stressed, try relaxation techniques such as meditation, yoga, or deep breathing exercises. Additionally, make sure to schedule time for activities that you enjoy and make time for social interactions with loved ones and friends.

It's also good to note the health benefits for both mind and body when you stay active into your retirement years. Physical activity not only improve your physical fitness, but your mental fitness as well.

Not to mention, when you are physically active, you can reduce your blood pressure. That means it's easier to live a longer life, stress free.

Keep in Touch with Friends

A great way to keep your mind active an to give you a sense of purpose is to stay in touch with friends.

Another great tip for a healthy lifestyle is to keep in touch with your friends. Staying connected with friends and family is an important factor for maintaining good mental health. It can help you maintain a sense of purpose in life, while also keeping your mind sharp.

If you live far away from your friends, try using technology to stay connected. Video calling apps such as Skype and FaceTime make it easy to have face-to-face conversations no matter where you are in the world.

Staying social has been shown long to have positive effects on your overall well being, so don't forget about activities like bridge club or book club!

There are many activities to help you stay in touch with your community. Other activities popular with older adults include, but are not limited to:

  • Joining a gym or seniors workout group
  • Taking a cooking or painting class
  • Volunteering at a local charity or non-profit organization
  • Going to art galleries, museums, or the theatre
  • Going on day trips or weekend getaways with friends

To find out what social activities are happening in your area, check with your local Chamber of Commerce, religious group, or senior centre. You can also try searching online or asking your friends and family for recommendations.

Get Life Insurance Protection

Protecting your loved ones with insurance is important in your golden years.

Finally, make sure you have adequate life insurance coverage in case of an unexpected medical event or accident.

A good final expense plan provides peace of mind in knowing that you're prepared for whatever comes your way. That means you don't ever have to worry about leaving your loved ones with your debt or funeral expenses when that time does arrive.

For anyone with prior health conditions preventing you from getting coverage, or anyone on a fixed income worried about expensive premiums, you may benefit from learning more about an affordable No-Medical policy.

Not only are these plans affordable, but they also won't turn you down — no strings attached.

By staying active, finding purposeful activities, and developing a new skill in the right surroundings around the right people, you can ensure you long and happy retirement.

Final Thoughts

Keeping healthy habits in retirement are important for many reasons. With that said, it's not always easy to do. That's why it's important to be proactive about your health and take steps to prevent potential problems before they arise.

By following the tips outlined in this blog post, you can help ensure that you'll enjoy a long, healthy and happy retirement!

Get Started with Life Insurance Today

Now that you know how to enjoy your retirement in great health, it's time to start thinking about life insurance. With that said, we understand that finding the right coverage can be complex and confusing.

To learn more about how life insurance protects you from whatever comes your way, our expert team of advisors are ready to help.

Let us answer any questions you may have so you can find the perfect coverage for your life and circumstances.

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Hypertension, also known as high blood pressure, is a major cause of premature death worldwide. According to the Global Health Observatory, it causes over 7.5 million deaths per year, and it is one of the leading causes of coronary heart disease and stroke.

In Canada, even with all the progress made to improve hypertension detection, treatment, and control, it is still the predominant risk factor for cardiovascular disease, affecting one in every four adults.

Since it is the most common chronic condition among older adults, the Canadian Hypertension Society recommends that all adults have their blood pressure checked every year, or, if additional risk factors are present, more frequently, so that they can take the appropriate measures to control and treat it.

Considering that hypertension can profoundly affect your life in many ways, it is recommendable to monitor it, especially as you get older and more vulnerable to diseases. If hypertension is something you worry about, information is key to understand it, and, most importantly, prevent it.

Below we will explain high blood pressure and its main risk factors, how to prevent and treat it, and how you can get insured with this condition - because yes, it is possible!

What exactly is high blood pressure?

Blood pressure is a measure of the force of blood against the walls of your blood vessels, known as arteries. Blood pressure readings are in millimetres of mercury (mmHg). The top number (called systolic) indicates the arteries’ pressure as the heartbeats, while the lower number (diastolic) indicates the pressure as the heart rests between beats.

Normal blood pressure is systolic blood pressure less than 130 mmHg and diastolic blood pressure less than 85 mmHg. As such, to be diagnosed with hypertension, you need to showcase a systolic pressure of 130+, or a diastolic pressure of 85+, that stays high over time.

The silent killer

High blood pressure can harm your body in many ways, and the worst part is that it can do so quietly, without developing noticeable symptoms. In time, it can severely interfere with many organs and body functions, causing, among many other things, kidney failure, coronary artery disease, heart attack, stroke, dementia, blindness, and sexual dysfunction.

Since there are very few warning signs associated with hypertension, many people are unaware of the problem. But other people identify a wide range of symptoms, including headaches, nosebleeds, irregular heart rhythms, vision changes, muscle tremors, chest pain, extreme fatigue, and anxiety.

Many refer to hypertension as the silent killer, which is why it is essential to do routine examinations, such as blood tests and electrocardiograms. Worldwide, a significant proportion of people with high blood pressure remain unaware of their diagnosis, and of those who are aware, only a minority manages to get it successfully under control.

Who is at risk for high blood pressure?

Anyone can develop high blood pressure. However, certain hereditary and physical factors can put you at higher risk. These are some of them:

  • Family history. If you have family members that suffer from hypertension, there is a significant probability that you will also get it.
  • Age. The older you are, the more likely you are to get hypertension.
  • Gender. According to Heart & Stroke Canada, after 65, Canadian women are more likely than men to get high blood pressure.
  • Weight. People who are overweight or obese are more likely to develop hypertension, hypercholesterolemia and diabetes.
  • Pre-existing medical conditions. Certain heart defects, kidney disorders, and conditions (such as cholesterol) can also raise your risk for high blood pressure.

But that isn’t all. There are also many modifiable factors that you should take into account, such as:

  • Lack of physical activity. Not getting enough physical activity increases your risk of getting high blood pressure.
  • Unhealthy diet. Those that have a poor diet, especially high in sodium, have a higher risk of developing hypertension.
  • Drinking/smoking too much. Cigarette smoking and excessive alcohol drinking raises blood pressure and puts you at higher risk for heart attack and stroke.
  • Stressful lifestyle. As many studies suggest, stress contributes to the development of hypertension.

Ways to prevent (and lower) high blood pressure

If you already have prehypertension (which means that you are likely to develop high blood pressure), or if it runs in your family history, you should start making changes in your lifestyle as soon as possible to avoid further complications. Hypertension is a definite health hazard, so it is advisable to follow the prevention guidelines proposed by organizations like Hypertension Canada. Here is a list of good practices that you should apply to your daily life promptly:

If you already have prehypertension (which means that you are likely to develop high blood pressure), or if it runs in your family history, you should start making changes in your lifestyle as soon as possible to avoid further complications. Hypertension is a definite health hazard, so it is advisable to follow the prevention guidelines proposed by organizations like Hypertension Canada. Here is a list of good practices that you should apply to your daily life promptly:

  • Stick to an exercise routine.

Regular exercise is one of the best things you can do for your health, but, as statistics show, 85% of Canadians are not meeting the weekly physical activity recommendations. If you are included in this percentage, it is time to change this mindset, especially if hypertension worries you.
Regular physical activity makes your heart stronger. A stronger heart can pump more blood with less effort, which means that blood pressure will be more normalized.

You don’t need to run a marathon or sign up for a gym! Thirty minutes of brisk walking or another aerobic activity per day is more than enough. Besides, there are many ways to make exercise part of your lifestyle without too much inconvenience. For instance, you can start using the stairs instead of the elevator, park farther away from your workplace or the supermarket, take short walks on your lunch break, and incorporate simple stretching exercises into your morning routine.

  • Lose weight (mainly if you are overweight).

Being overweight or obese increases your risk of having hypertension, but also of developing cardiovascular disease (CVD), stroke, noninsulin-dependent diabetes, certain cancers, and numerous other disorders. As such, caring about your weight should always be a priority, especially if you are overweight or already have hypertension. There is no magic formula for weight loss. You can follow the most general guidelines (which include avoiding processed food, consuming more fruits and vegetables, drinking more water, and so on), but it is crucial to find a proper plan with the help of a professional.

Every metabolism is different, so the best thing for you to do is get a personalized diet plan from a nutritionist. Then, all you will need is about 30 minutes of moderate-level physical activity regularly to start seeing results.
But keep this in mind: if you have heart trouble or have had a heart attack if you are over 50 and are not used to physical activity, or if you suffer from any type of condition, you should check with a doctor before starting to exercise.

  • Adopt a healthy diet.

Eating healthy is critical for those who struggle (or fear) high blood pressure. In Canada, several studies related to this matter led to creating The Dietary Approaches to Stopping Hypertension (DASH Diet), which aims to reduce blood pressure through changes in diet. Broadly, it consists of an eating plan rich in vegetables, fruit and low-fat dairy foods, and lower in saturated fat, total fat, and cholesterol.

As research concluded, DASH has an outstanding effect on blood pressure, lowering levels within two weeks of starting the plan. One of the most important elements of this diet is related to the consumption of salt. According to it, Canadians should consume no more than 2,300 mg of sodium (about one teaspoon of table salt) a day. It also stresses the importance of avoiding highly processed foods, just like canned food and sugar-sweetened beverages.

  • Limit your caffeine and alcohol consumption.

If you are committed to change your lifestyle and become a healthier person, you should also limit your consumption of alcohol and caffeine. According to the DASH diet, you should limit yourself to no more than two drinks a day and, ideally, avoid those that contain too much sugar. Remember: alcohol not only hurts your blood pressure; it is also destructive to the liver, brain, and heart. The same goes for caffeine.

While coffee stimulates the nervous system, increasing alertness, it can also raise blood pressure, especially in people who are not accustomed to the substance. Although caffeine's long-term effects on blood pressure aren't clear, it is always reasonable to limit its consumption, especially if you are sensitive to its effects. If you already have prehypertension or hypertension, you should avoid it as much as possible, especially before activities that naturally increase your blood pressure, such as exercise or weightlifting.

  • Quit smoking.

Did you know that nicotine raises your blood pressure and heart rate, narrows your arteries, and makes your blood more likely to clot? Cigarette smoke is a toxic mix of more than 7,000 chemicals, and, as many studies concluded, it isn’t just bad for your lungs; it also damages the heart. Quitting smoking helps your blood pressure return to normal, and lowers your risk of developing recurrent heart attack and cardiovascular death. In fact, according to WHO, if you manage to quit for a year, you will be dropping your risk of coronary heart disease to about half that of a smoker's.

Quitting smoking is quite tricky, but it is achievable and undoubtedly worth the try. If you struggle with it, remember that a medicinal cessation therapy (such as nicotine replacement therapy) can be a great ally on your journey.

  • Take care of your mental health.

A stressful lifestyle can lead to mental health problems and many medical issues. High blood pressure is one of them. This is why taking care of your mental health is as important as caring for your physical body; you can’t have one without the other.
And if you have an anxiety disorder or depressive tendencies, this is even more important.

Most doctors agree that activities that teach you to focus on your breathing help lower blood pressure and general anxiety. As such, if you want to nurture your mental well-being, you could try to practice yoga or meditation. As a study developed by the Department of Psychology of the University of California suggests, yoga can reasonably reduce high blood pressure, while also lowering the risk of heart problems, chronic kidney disease, and strokes. Time to start making some Salutes to the Sun!

  • Improve your sleep.

High blood pressure is one of the many risks associated with not getting enough sleep. In 2019, the University of Arizona conducted a study connecting sleepless nights with hypertension. As it concluded, something as banal as “a bad night's sleep” could result in a substantial spike in blood pressure the following day. Sleep impacts overall cardiovascular health, and it is not just about the amount of time you spend in bed, but mainly the quality of sleep you are getting.

If you want to enjoy more relaxed and uninterrupted nights, there are some changes you should make to your sleeping routine. First, it is essential to keep a consistent schedule, with at least 7 hours of sleep per night. Then, you can also optimize your bedroom environment (temperature, light, noise, etc.) and try relaxing teas and natural sleep-promoting supplements.

  • Seek professional help.

All these suggestions are important, but they might not be enough to reach impeccable heart health. If you are worried about developing hypertension or have been diagnosed with it, you must seek professional guidance.

If a change in lifestyle isn't enough, your doctor will likely prescribe you blood pressure medication, which can range from diuretics to blood vessel dilators.

Even if you manage to control your hypertension, remember: this isn't a problem you can treat and then ignore. You might be able to stop taking blood pressure medication or naturally lower your levels, but maintaining healthy habits is still essential. Keep a nutritious diet, exercise, have a good sleep, and, most importantly, don’t stop monitoring your blood pressure. You can, for instance, buy a blood pressure monitor and frequently check your values. This way, you can keep track of the results and show them to your physician every time you have an appointment.

High blood pressure affects your chances of getting insured

When applying for a life insurance policy, most companies will ask you to go through a medical exam or answer a comprehensive health questionnaire. This way, based on your health status and family history, they can assess how risky you are to insure. Having high blood pressure is considered a major risk factor because it can lead to severe health issues, such as strokes, kidney failure, or coronary artery disease. As a result, you may be denied coverage, or you may face very high premiums.
Not all insurance companies view high blood pressure the same way, but it is irrefutable that these kinds of health problems make you a very risky (and even inadmissible) applicant.

… but not with Speciality Life Insurance!

Luckily for you, at Speciality Life Insurance we can get you covered regardless of your health status or history. Our three insurance plans - Critical Illness Insurance, Accidental Death Insurance, and Excelsior Plan - offer you guaranteed acceptance, so that you can get the coverage you need with no barriers. Your health will not affect your eligibility or rates, even if you were denied insurance in the past.

Our plans are flexible, affordable, and easy to obtain. If you want to see it firsthand, follow our guide on how to buy insurance from Speciality Life Insurance or contact our team of experts. We will be delighted to walk you through the process and show you how simple it can be to get insured - even if you suffer from high blood pressure or any other condition!